Trash Service

Ready Alert!
Please click here for more information on how to properly organize debris.

For Debris Pick-Up Requests, Call 713-274-3880, available daily from 8 AM to 8 PM, by phone.

The cut-off date for Debris Pick-Up is Friday, June 14, 2024.


Best Trash is our solid waste collection provider, please have your trash out prior to 7am

Each Single-family Residential Connection is $18.45 per month per unit effective starting with the June, 2022 billing. This charge is billed with the water line item.

The District has contracted with Best Trash to provide for trash collection. For garbage information or complaints, the customers may contact Best Trash directly at 281-313-2378.

Tuesdays and Fridays are regular trash pickup days.

Pick up includes one (1) 95-gallon Best Trash poly cart. Also, may include one (1) heavy item (see below for bulky trash info.) For normal collection branches and tree trimming must be bundled not to exceed four (4) feet in length and eighteen (18) inches in diameter and weight no more than forty (40) pounds.

All trash should be placed at the curbside by 7:00 am on collection day. Late put-outs are not considered misses.

As of Wednesday, 10/06/2021 everyone who pays for trash pickup with their water bill will have their new 95-gallon cart. If your Best Trash cart has been lost or stolen, there is a $85.00 plus tax ($92.01) replacement fee. To Purchase a replacement container, please call 281-313-2378.

If your Best Trash cart needs to be repaired, please submit a “contact us” inquiry indicating what is damaged on the container so we can schedule a repair or have it replaced. This is only applied to the Best Trash supplied containers.

Bulky trash is defined as junk or trash which is generated by ordinary maintenance of a household but too large for containers including, but not limited to furniture, mattresses, dishwashers, grills, etc. which are capable of being lifted into a truck by two persons. Contractor shall not be required to pick up junk cars, engines, air conditioners with fluids, refrigerators with fluids, tires, large tree trunks, debris from construction, roofing material, or major remodeling or other junk or trash that requires special handling without prior arrangements and pricing pre-set with homeowner or resident. Contact Best Trash for schedules and prices.

***We can collect tree branches, shrubs, and brush trimmings, but they need to be properly tied and bundled. Please separate the bundles to show that they are clearly tied and bundled. All tied bundles must be less than 40 pounds and no greater than 4 feet in length with no branch diameter exceeding 3 inches. These requirements allow for easier pickup and prevent damage to our equipment. Please leave out no more than 5 tied bundles at a time.