Employment Opportunity

Harris County WCID No. 36 (“The District”) encourages the finest individuals to inquire into employment opportunities with our District. The District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against anyone. Our intent is to hire hard working, goal oriented individuals that truly wish to become a part of a highly motivated team. In our search for these unique individuals we look closely for applicants that have ambition and are looking for a permanent place of work.

Harris County WCID No.36 is dedicated to protecting the welfare and safety of its employees, and the community. To fulfill this commitment, and with the safety of the general public in mind the District maintains a policy of drug testing all employees of the District. This policy is strictly enforced and upon reasonable belief, the District performs random testing, and routine testing is performed during pre-employment screening.

The District believes that, the strength of our District rest with our employees. The strength of our personnel rests with managements continuing commitment for advancement based on ability, initiative and ongoing training and education.

Our Motto:
"For better unity help your community"

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

Job Openings

It is our goal to provide for the employees and customers of HCWCID 36 a safe and non-discriminatory environment in which to work and live. We have never discriminated against race, gender, religion, etc.

No positions are available at this time.