Boil Water Update

Feb 17, 2021

Harris County Water Control and Improvement District receives water from the City of Houston.

The City’s distribution system is currently experiencing substantial water leaks due to the extended duration of sub-freezing temps. These water leaks are draining system pressure at an unsustainable rate and resulting in wide spread pressure issues. Currently the City is working to locate and repair the leaks as quickly as possible.

As a result of these low water system pressures, a Boil Water Notice has to be issued for the District’s water system and will remain in place until it has been determined that the water distribution system has not been compromised. Residents should only use bottled or boiled (for two minutes) water for drinking, cooking, bathing, brushing teeth and cleaning, according to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be careful not to swallow water when bathing or brushing teeth. Do not use water from any appliance, including water from the refrigerator or freezer-made ice.